Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

The group is one of about twenty-five groups of lay Buddhists in the UK affiliated with the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC). The OBC is dedicated to the practice of the Serene Reflection Meditation (Soto Zen Buddhist) tradition and was started by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, a British-born Buddhist master trained in Malaysia and Japan.


The Serene Reflection Meditation School embodies:

1. The practice of meditation.

2. Keeping the moral Precepts of Buddhism, both in service to others and in keeping faith with oneself.

3. The teaching that all beings have the Buddha Nature. All are fundamentally pure; but out of ignorance we create suffering, thereby obscuring our real nature.

4. Awakening the heart of compassion and expressing it through selfless activity.

Temples and Meditation Groups

The main monasteries of the order are Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in Northumberland, and Shasta Abbey in California. In addition there are smaller temples throughout the UK and N America as well as in Holland and Germany. Portobello Buddhist Priory is the temple which supports meditation groups in Scotland. As well as in Aberdeenshire, there are groups in Aberfeldy, Dundee and Inverness.


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