Aberdeenshire Serene Reflection Meditation Group

 About the Group

We are a group of women and men from the Aberdeenshire area who meet to practise Zen Buddhism.

Our core practice is Serene Reflection Meditation (otherwise called Zazen or Just Sitting). A typical Group meeting will also involve a short Buddhist ceremony.

The group is affiliated within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

Where and when
Evening meetings are held on every Monday in Aberdeen and on every Wednesday in Banchory. Sunday morning meetings are held in most months, and these are usually led by a visiting Buddhist monk. Details 


Coming for the First Time

Women and men, young or old, all are welcome. It does not matter whether you have had previous experience of meditation.
The first time you come, one of our group members will show you how we meditate and explain about our practice. The meditation we practice is very simple and direct and the emphasis is on understanding through your own experience. We think of ourselves as practising within a living tradition rather than having access to an exclusive perspective on the world. We are equally happy if you find that your visit is a stepping stone to something else, to nothing at all, or if you join us on a regular basis.
The Group can provide suitable chairs, stools or cushions, so it is not necessary to bring your own. For meditation it is best to wear loose clothing.

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